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I'm a scientist and an artist. My major is molecular bioscience and biotechnology, and I also want to make webcomics out of the stories in my head. At any given time, I'm working on something! And I'm INTP, which seems to explain everything about me.

I spend a lot of time making art or studying, so my replies are often delayed. Apologies in advanced for that!

tiny Soren by Heath

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"Every day's a good day when you paint."…



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DID YOU THINK I FORGOT ABOUT THESE? Because you'd be right. I forgot many times.

Anywho tagged by RedCyclon for Sadie!

- Post these rules.
- Unveil 8 random facts about your character.
- Tag 8 other Deviants and one of their characters.

ASCII Queen by 5-prime SadieDoodles by 5-prime

1. Sadie is a mage-in-training, specializing in a school of magic that integrates mana with analog and digital technology.

2. She's a huge nerd - the kind who builds machines in a garage and has a deep love for action/adventure comics and RPGs.

3. In fact she got to know Soren because they both liked the same fantasy/action cartoon, leading to a very long conversation about favorite characters and awesome superpowers. Later she met Rayner, who's more of a closet nerd. :P
...I suppose it's kinda redundant for a fantasy world to have a fantasy genre within it but they pull it off.

4. Out of the trio of Soren, Sadie, and Rayner, Sadie tends to be the brains of the operation. Soren is a bit dense and Rayner is probably just lazy, while Sadie is the ideas person and the one who actually does research on the monsters they fight.

5. She even designed software to catalog every demon they encounter. With all the different types of demons, a database of them is pretty handy.

6. Sadie's favorite class is Magic Training.
bonus fact: since it's so common to use magic in this world, almost all high schoolers take a magic training course, which is combined with their physical education class.

7. Fairly snarky and sarcastic. In most situations, she's usually the one who comes up with a good burn on the spot.

8. Has some OCD tendencies. Likes to have things alphabetized or otherwise arranged in a certain way, which is good for building a well-constructed database of demons. Not so good when Rayner thinks it's funny to reorganize her stuff when she's not looking.

More tag-backs! Why not! :dummy:
:iconredcyclon: - Hattie, I choose you!

Here's all the facts I've done so far for reference (and for anyone who wants to get in on this sweet tagging action *wiggles eyebrows* )

8 Character facts: HelixLaitma tagged me to do this for Helix! 8)
- Post these rules. 
- Unveil 8 random facts about your character. 
- Tag 8 other Deviants and one of their characters.
1. In the story, Helix was born in 2006. Her birthday is May 18.
2. Taylor is in fact her brother, for those who weren't sure. xD They're also co-workers. they work the night shift together and are on-call the rest of the time. Although they fight like the siblings they are, they're very close.
3. Her hobbies include reading and free running. Her favorite book is Sun Tzu's "The Art of War."
4. Her first pet was a leopard gecko. Her current pet is a corn snake. She really wanted a baby alligator when she was little, but her dad would never allow it. xD
5. In case it isn't obvious yet she's not your typical night guard. :b Part of her job involves finding and containing/incapacitating/killing advanced stage pati
8 Character Facts: Teaganwooo a little late but here I am, Laitma tagged me to do this for Teagan!
- Post these rules. 
- Unveil 8 random facts about your character. 
- Tag 8 other Deviants and one of their characters.

1. She's a good thinker and quick on her feet in certain situations. She even managed to impress Helix by improvising a way to escape an attacking mutant.
2. ...But she dreads any encounters with severely disfigured patients. She has a weak stomach and pretty much can't handle any blood or gore (and guess what she gets to suffer through during the entire story!)
3. Her last relationship didn't end well - it really wasn't the kind of relationship that was meant to be from the very start, but she learned a good lesson in how to walk away from people who aren't worth your time or energy.
4. She loves dogs, but hasn't had one since she broke up and has been living in a studio apartment sin
8 Character Facts: Shoruswoot RedCyclon tagged me to do this for Shorus!
- Post these rules. 
- Unveil 8 random facts about your character. 
- Tag 8 other Deviants and one of their characters.

1. Shorus is a mage who specializes in the "animism" school of magic. This school focuses on souls, including ghosts (which are simply departed souls that haunt a person or place).
2. He's a pretty chill dude overall but there are a few things that piss him off like nothing else. Demons are one of those things, for many reasons. He also worries about his son beyond what most would consider healthy, but he's got a reason for that too.
3. He immigrated to Kaluhai Island when he was a teenager, after he lost his home to a demon attack. Shortly after, he met his future girlfriend and wife, Naomi.
4. When he was 18, he enlisted as a demon hunter. Demon hunters are adept mages who specialize in tracking and subduing demons, usually by sending them to what can be
8 Character Facts: TaylorFirst, quick announcement: Inktober is nearly upon us!!! :la: I'm going for it again this year, but with a new theme. Last year I focused on my story projects, but this year I'll switch it up and draw MONSTERS! INKTOBER!!!! :la:
Okay, character facts! I got double-tagged by Laitma and RedCyclon for Taylor!

- Post these rules.
- Unveil 8 random facts about your character.
- Tag 8 other Deviants and one of their characters.

1. Taylor went through a rebellious phase as a teenager, and got a bunch of tattoos for the hell of it. The worst one - and the one Helix will never let him live down - is a pin-up that went terribly wrong, and it's the reason Taylor doesn't wear shorts in public.
2. Taylor likes to dress sharp when wearing non-work clothes... Helix, who just throws on anything that smells like it might be clean, doesn't understand Taylor's dressing style and finds it to be unnecessary/too much effort.
3. He's surprisingly
  • Listening to: PowercuT - Friendly Zombie
  • Reading: Virus Hunter by CJ Peters
  • Eating: girl scout cookies
  • Drinking: water


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